The slime by increase of a fungus, the accumulation scale of the captured inorganic substance

Ozone gas and microbubble solve completely !

O3MB-1 System

The slime by increase of a fungus, the accumulation scale of the captured inorganic substance
O3M B-1 solves all !

1.The function of 0zone Microbubble generator

The scale and slime of the inside of a cooling tower, and a cooling-water storage pit.
Moreover, a sterilization of the legionella bacteria of a hot spring facility, a reservoir, and a swimming pool, etc. Efficacy is shown in these problems.
This compact unit can respond even to a cooling-water facility of the large flow of 1000 t/hr.

2.The mechanism of 0zone Microbubble generator.

  1. A formation of the bacteria layer by increase of a fungus, and secretion of a polysaccharides.
  2. An adhesion of a bacteria and an inorganic substance is a formation of a slime and a scale in a longterm.
  3. Ozone does a sterilization of a microbial and a bacteria, and a killing, and does a deletion of an inorganic substance.
  4. A deletion of an inorganic substance, a bacterial sterilization, a killing

DSO3MB-1 Feature

Safety design

If SW of a feed pump is not in the situation of ON, the ozone SW will not start.
All ozone gas is absorbed by the cyclic water as microbubble.

Simple operation, high durability and electric discharge monitor.

Oxygen is unnecessary. Ozone gas is generated by using indoor air as materials.
Ozone gas is emitted with the silent-electric-discharge System using a silica glass duplex tube.
There is no corrosion deterioration by electric discharge and ozone, and it is high durability.
The situation of ozone gas generating can be confirmed from an electric-discharge-tube peephole.


Ozone gas generating time is set up freely. According to the circulating water flow to be used, the time whichgenerates ozone gas is adjusted per15 minutes.

Simple maintenance

A maintenance is done every 2000hr of an ozone operating time.
As a job, it is an end at three step.

DSO3MB-1 Feature

Product name Ozone microbubble generating machine. O3MB-1
Ozone evolution System Silent-electric-discharge method
Source gas of ozone Indoor air
The amount of emergence of ozone 0 – 2000mg/hr * 20 ℃ Humidity 50% R.H. or less.
Ozone water consistency 0.5 ppm or less
The volumetric flow of ozone water Total pump head Discharge
8M3.3 t/hr
7M4.8 t/hr
6M6.0 t/hr
Microbubble generating System Ejector system * This does not get clogged even a solid material of 8 mm or less
Ozone intermittent operation 15-minute unit 96 division * — free set time
The maximum processing volumetric flow (less than total pump head 8M) The total amount of circulating water 1200 t/hr – 2000 t/hr (based on a total pump head). * Use by 1000 or less t/hr is recommended.
Power supply voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
Electrical power consumption MAX 400W 550VA
Outside dimension Width 700 x Depth 780 x Height 500
Weight 70kg
The quality of material of an ozone gas touch part Teflon and SUS304
External BOX quality of material SUS304
Environmental requirements Temperature 5-40 ℃ Humidity 90%R.H. Effect
Effect There is a synergism of ozone and microbubble. Removal of the slime mainly according to adhesion increase of a microorganisms and a fungus. Removal of the scale which is a assembly of the inorganics taken into the fungus or the polysaccharide.