Oligodynamic metal action of copper

Algal removal

A copper ion permeates into an algal cell and
obstructs a dietetic energy conversion system.
Therefore, a cell is annihilated.

Slime removal

A copper ion extirpates the microbe which forms a slime.

The voltage controlled to the copper plate of two sheets is applied, and a copper ion is generated.
The stream of a pump always carries away a copper ion. A copper ion is diffused in the whole water.

Application examples

Ion Saber is set underwater. Plumbing is unnecessary.
Cooling Water equipment

Amenity water facility

A example of use.

Electrical conductivity of cooling water : 100μS.
Concentration rate : 3 times
In the above-mentioned case, IONSAVER is applied to about 1000 tons of circulating water.
( A setup is customized by the use situation of cooling water. )


The maintenance for 1 time / 3 months – 12 months is needed by the setting situation.
( Exchange of copper material. Exchange of a pump etc. )